Gloucestershire Area

The Royal School of Church Music supports a world-wide network of 8,500 churches,
schools and individuals and is committed to achieving the best use of good music in worship
– whatever the resources, whatever the styles.


This site offers information aimed at all members and members of affiliated churches.
Please let us know if we can improve it.

The Gloucestershire area organises a varied programme of events each year and we hope that you will find something of interest here - if not please tell us!

Our committee members have a wealth of experience in church music and beyond. Feel free to call upon our experience and talents - we are all happy to help and to share our knowledge and experience.


Since its foundation in 1927 the RSCM has grown into an international organisation, providing inspiration and guidance to more than 7,000 affiliated members and more than 4,000 individual Friends. Members are drawn from different denominations, they worship in different ways, they enjoy different musical styles, but what they have in common is the belief that good music, used effectively, greatly enriches Christian worship.