Gloucestershire Area

Choristers (both young people and adults) in the Gloucestershire Area may enter for the Dean's and Bishop's awards, these are validated at RSCM Bronze and Silver standards respectively. Two examination periods are held each year, usually in the spring and autumn terms. Normally there will be a choice of two or more dates in each examination period, subject to the availability of examiners and the number of candidates applying for entry. The entry fee is £42 for the Dean's Award and £45 for the Bishop's. (This does not include the cost of the medal and ribbon which may be purchased if the candidate is successful.)

The award system is currently changing and while it will still be administered locally, entries and the syllabus will be controlled centrally.

The date of the next exams will appear here when arranged.


Choristers in RSCM-affiliated choirs can take Award examinations. They need not belong to church choirs; members of school and other secular choirs are also examined, as are individual RSCM members, who can enter themselves.

The syllabus for the awards is available here and the list of pieces here.
Someone will be available to accompany candidates if required.

More advanced choristers can enter for the RSCM Gold Award; this is a national examination administered from RSCM Headquarters in Salisbury, see the main RSCM website for further details of this award.